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Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.  *IAYT Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists.

Dear Helene,
I am so grateful to you for helping me with unprecedented recovery process from chronic pains associated with degenerated herniated disc. Throughout last year, I tried Physio, Acupuncture, Chiro, Reflexology, Massotherapy, and of course pain killers, all in all with less effective result.
Before making a request to my GP for an operation recently, on persistent recommendations by my daughters, I started private Yoga lessons with you. OMG, what a transformation!
Amongst other things, you have helped me understand appropriate body movements, upper body structure, muscles functions and breathing techniques.
I have improved so much so, in such short time, that I don't at all think of an operation.
I will recommend  to my GP & Orthopedist that taking few private Yoga lessons by a seasoned Yoga therapist should be the first step before prescribing any other strategy when it comes to patients with herniated disc/back related problems.
I am confident that after such learning, other approaches such as Chiro, if needed, could be more result oriented.
Thanks a Million;
~ Best Regards, Dr. Reza Shafiepour

After 40 years of health care work, I retired. Stress no.1.  
Shortly after I had major reconstructive hand surgery. Stress no. 2.  
After weeks of casts, ortheses and physio I was anxious to get the use of my hand. No problem I will do yoga.  
Having never done it before and not able to use my injured hand Stress no 3.  
I was very fortunate enough to consult with Helene. She was very observant to see I had my injured hand taking over my life. After individual, personal, patient and professional lessons I am proud to say I joined the regular classes after getting permission from my surgeon.
I no longer center my day around my right hand, retirement etc.
Thank you Helene
~ Judy Anne Auger, Retired RN

After more than 7 years of back pain and numerous osteopathy and physiotherapy sessions, Helene was able to help me find relief. Her vast knowledge of the human system and her passion for helping others comes through in her gentle approach to healing. She not only helped me with my pain, she also taught me proper alignment and breathing to help prevent or manage any future pain.
~ Eveline :)

“Suffering from arthritis in my hip and a stress related disorder, I recently turned to Yoga in hopes that it could provide me with extra help in dealing with these personally challenging health issues. Three weeks later, I already feel benefits of my investment. Helene’s great listening skills coupled with her extensive knowledge of physiology make for a structured yet personalized physical & mental training environment. With every session, I feel increasingly empowered to control my emotional and physical response to stress and pain. I am also learning how to be more conscious and deliberate of my posture during daily activities. Already, this has provided me with increased flexibility in my hips, knees and lower back while I continue to develop a much needed mindfulness skillset to help me cope with stress.
~ Marie-Pier”


« Il y a quelques mois déjà que Helene m’a fait une thérapie du yoga pour mes épaules, ça été incroyable! Apres plusieurs années d’avoir les épaules voûtées vers l’avant et le dos courbé, Helene a trouvée la façon de me faire relacher avec les respirations & exercises. Un gros mercie Helene. »


I walk one day to this nice studio looking for a Taï Chi class. I was suffering from post concussion symptoms that affected me physically, emotionally and psychologically. I knew little about Yoga and was not interested, touting it to difficult in my condition. Helene, with the deep of her knowledge and gentle soul, convinced me to try it. I am sure glad I did! It became a very important tool on my road to recovery. Helping myself as a whole, body and soul, to heal and at time it was a great way to bypass my suffering brain.

Helene took me every time “where” I was and “how” I was because she has an extraordinary capacity to adapt the YOUR needs and limitations, nothing throws her off. I really enjoy the feeling of being understood through what I was going through. I did a lot of private classes with Helene and did participate in the group class with other teachers as well, all of them amazing human being.  The great thing is there is no judgment waiting for you, just warm welcome! So I’m always looking forward to go to this heartfelt and packed with love “second” H~om.




“Where there is Heleen, there is sunshine! Whenever you are around her you can't help but feel her amazing energy and warmth. She is a caring and devoted friend and a passionate and dedicated teacher. In her classes and in her daily life, she SHINES with enthusiasm and compassion illuminating all those who cross her path”.
        ~ Lynn, Hudson, QC


I have been a student of Helene's since she began teaching.  She is an amazing, compassionate woman who teaches her classes with warmth and humour.  Her knowledge of yoga is considerable and continually expanding as she is always eagerly learning.  There are many reasons why I have continued along my path of yoga and Helene is a one of the most important ones!

     ~ Nancy Allen

I was always told that Yoga would really help me to eliminate some of the on the job stress.   I started looking for a Yoga class, signed in for a few here and there, fancy clubs downtown.  However they did nothing to assist me in reaching my goal. 
My husband came home one evening, informed me that there was a Yoga instructor at the community center that he felt I would like.  I showed up for my first class with Heleen.  I could hear her voice guiding me through a series of asana poses.  Sometimes it felt she was only talking to me. 
Heleen not only helped me with my stress that year, but also helped me towards a road of healing and finding myself.
Shortly after Heleen opened her own center H.O.M.  Just perfect! The colors she choose and the decor are unique to her personality,  sunny, warm and welcoming.    Exactly how she teaches yoga.  Through the 6 years, I have seen many people just gravitate to her,  she has a unique way of bringing them into her world. 
I was walking on sunshine when she announced that she would be offering the Yoga teacher training course this fall. 

I could not think of anyone else I wanted to take.
Its good to be H~OM. 

    ~ Pierina Manto



This teacher training program surpassed all of my expectations.  Not only did I learn countless things about the asanas (poses), prana (breath and breathing techniques), and the philosophy behind yoga – but the friendships that I formed will last well beyond the nine months that I devoted to this course.  It is truly a life-changing experience and to share it with such an amazing tribe of women is indescribable.

    ~  Elyse Burns

This journey has been far more profound that I have ever expected. I have not only learned about the physical benefits of the practice but it has allowed me to discover my innerself and to open up to others in all honesty. This for me is LIVING YOGA!

      ~ Lynn, Hudson, QC

I can't even begin to appropriately describe all that I learned from this yoga teacher's course.  It was so much deeper than just the skills necessary to become a good yoga teacher.  Sure, I learned all about the fine tuning of each yoga pose and the muscles involved, and how to modify each pose according to the abilities of the students.  I also learned about ethics, and yoga philosophy which I've incorporated into my daily life which will in turn make me a better person as well as a good teacher.  I learned how to become part of a tribe through the sharing with like-minded individuals or whom I like to call my soul-sisters.  Along with all the skills necessary per the Yoga Alliance guidelines, I learned so much more that I wasn't expecting.  I learned more about myself than I ever would have thought possible. I've questioned everything about my life throughout these 9 months, to see if I could get more meaning from what I was living.  I'm a different person from when I started this course. I'm much happier and I think the most important thing I've learned is that all the answers to everything are always inside of me.  Sometimes you just need to be quiet enough to listen.

Saying thank you Heleen, doesn't seem to be enough. This opportunity that you provided was so much more than the course description.  I know I am not alone in this.  And like they say "the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know."  Thank you for opening the door to the future possibilities of my yoga journey.

  With love,


   ~ Laura


This 200-hour YTT with Heleen has been a wonderful window into the world of yoga and an amazing bonding experience with ten other women whom I now consider my friends.  Heleen's love of yoga, and of people, helps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that has kept me looking forward to the next weekend I get to spend with this wonderful group.  There is a lot of material to cover concerning this fascinating and ancient practice, but Heleen breaks things down into simple bites and is very flexible and generous with her approach.  The assignments have all helped to reinforce and put into practice what we have been learning during our weekends together, and I find that the course-load is very manageable when you commit to doing a little each week.  I have learned so much about the philosophy of yoga, the details of each pose, the breath, and the body, and I have also learned so much about myself.  And through these transformative months, I have gained the confidence to embark on my own teaching career, to find my own unique voice, and to continue learning about this amazing and diverse practice called yoga. Thanks for lighting the way, Heleen.

    ~ Debbie Harbec


Chère Helene,

Par la présente j’aimerais te témoigner mon appréciation du cours de 200 heures que j’ai suivi avec toi   chez H-OM.  Au départ j’ai fait mes recherches car je désirais un professeur qui saurait me guider dans mon cheminement personnel et professionnel.  Dès que je t’ai rencontré j’ai su que j’allais être bien entourée.  Alors j’ai opté pour toi et ton magnifique studio.

J’ai apprécié ta disponibilité, ton ouverture d’esprit, ton adaptabilité à nos demandes incessantes.  Tu as su, me guider avec doigté, fermeté et tout en douceur à la fois.  Mon cheminement ne fait que continuer et j’avoue que je suis heureuse de faire partie de ta couvée 2012-2013. 

Saches que je n’hésiterai pas à référer ton école, tes classes à quiconque.  J’ai grandi en présence du cercle que nous formons et j’espère avoir pu inspirer quelques unes et motiver quelques autres.

Continue ton excellent travail même si parfois les fruits du labeur ne sont pas  aussi généreux qu’on le désire.  La persévérance t’amènera tout le succès mérité.  Merci pour tout Helene.

    ~ Guylaine Charlebois



I am so very fortunate to have found you and H-OM!  This course has been demanding of my time because it is so enlightening.  The more I read, the more I want to know. Heleen, you have  developed your own personal  theory and practical manual that encompasses the whole concept of yoga which is self realization.  I feel happier as well as more grounded and focused.  It is a feeling you want to share in this chaotic world. I have also acquired some incredibly wonderful friends.  We started out as strangers, but with the sharing of fears and triumphs, we became family.  What a wonderful journey!

Thank you and Namaste!

    ~ Jane xo



My time in Heleen's yoga teacher training has been a good experience.  Heleen creates a positive learning environment starting with an in depth understanding of the philosophy of yoga, anatomy and breath, postures, and teaching techniques.  The class size is small and Heleen encourages collaboration within the class; this resulted in having a great group to work with for the year.  The learning process has benefitted my life in more ways than I expected and I'm happy I took this journey with Heleen.


    ~ Karen

Helene, the owner and teacher was extremely flexible with the schedule to accommodate us all. We made it work all together. She is passionate about what she does, extremely knowledgeable and still learning (it's a lifelong process) one of the first thing she thought us. She's my "Yoga Mama" giving without counting. She was always there to listen and help during the training and she made it clear that she would always be there after as well. Thanks to her, I completed my training as a new person with new friends and an open mind on the rest of my life.





"I am so grateful for all you did in hosting Neal's Pearson Pain Care Training and in welcoming and providing for us during the stay.

Your studio is a lovely and inviting space, and I can see now how that positive energy stems directly from the source - YOU!"

   ~ Jennie Lee - Mississippi


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