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Helene (pronounced Hel-EEn) Couvrette

Founder of H~OM Yoga Health & Wellness Center (founded in 2010)

Co-founder MISTY - Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga (founded in 2011).

Helene has over 10,000 hours of Teaching since 2002.

She has over 1300 hours of education, 800 of which is in Yoga Therapy.

Specialized & Certified in Pain Care Yoga & Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Helene began her journey in 1999.

Her passion for yoga inspired her to share yoga with a few friends in the basement of one of whom eventually lost her battle with cancer. She soon realized her love of yoga could only be surpassed by the desire to share it with others & the joy of seeing them benefit from yoga on many levels.


In 2002 just after delivering a stillborn boy Helene embarked on a 200hr YTT Certification Course. During 2003 she continued the training at same time began teaching yoga at the St. Lazare Community Center. Best of all that year Helene gave birth to an awesome baby girl. She is blessed with 4 amazing kids.

H~OM Yoga Health & Wellness Center/School

H~OM opened its doors July 2007. Since then Helene has been committed to providing the community with a place to find Health, Healing & Happiness of mind, body & spirit for souls of all ages, limitations & abilities.


The response has been overwhelmingly supportive, demonstrating a common need for all to “breathe in” a space that has the energy of a warm family hearth, is beginner friendly with teachers that are always ready to help students in a personable way so they can enjoy the benefits of yoga that best suits them.

In Sept 2010, H~OM Yoga Wellness Center became a Registered Yoga Certification School with YA - Yoga Alliance international & Helene began teaching a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program. As of Spring 2018 over 80 students have graduated her 200hr program.

In the Winter of 2018 she introduced a 300hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training focusing on the Sciences of the Human System & Therapeutics. Guest Faculty will come do some of the weekend workshops which are open to others outside the 300hr YTT program.

If you are a RYT200 completing the Advance 300hr brings you to 500 RYT level with YA (Yoga Alliance).

Helene is now in the process of application to be an IAYT - International Association of Yoga Therapist approved Yoga Therapy School. This is a long detailed process and when approved H~OM will be the only IAYT approved yoga therapy school east of Ottawa. This is an 800 hour program open to those who have completed 200 hour training.

Helene continues to teach Regular Yoga Classes with a Therapeutic Educative Approach, offers Private Yoga Therapy Sessions alongside mentoring Yoga Teacher Training programs.

MISTY - Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga

Helene is also co-founder of this international conference bringing health care professionals & yoga therapist together with the mission of integrating yoga into the Canadian health care system. (see more about MISTY below).

AND... THEN... THIS...!

In 2011 Helene Co-founded H~OM~Events



Montreal International Symposium


Therapeutic Yoga

World Renowned Faculty





Canada’s world recognized conference on researched based therapeutic yoga. Bringing international speakers who have a health care or research background & yoga therapy who apply yoga as a therapy in their professionals.

These highly respected Yoga Educators offer their expertise, tools, experience & research to yoga & health care workers all sharing a common passion for easing suffering of specific emotional & physical health issues. *Chronic pain, scoliosis, back, knees, shoulder & hips issues as well as depression, anxiety, trauma & grief.

MISTY MISSION; To inform health care & yoga professionals of the therapeutic benefits & practices of yoga to create a whole & supportive approach to help ease suffering.

MISTY VISION;  To integrate therapeutic yoga into the Canadian health care system.



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