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Meet H~OM Teachers

Teaching for Your Health Healing & Happiness

Helene Couvrette, E-RYT500, C-IAYT, Yoga Teacher Trainer

Founder H~OM, E-RYT500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Educator, C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist) Pain Care & Trauma Certified.

Co-founder MISTY -  Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga.

Helene (pronounced Hell-EEN) has over 7000 hs of Teaching since 2004 & over 1000 hrs of education, 800 of which is therapeutic yoga.

She teaches with this knowledge to help students become aware of how to support poses from the inside while letting go of ego to perform from the outside.

Playful yet masterfully she can make any "body", whether an inflexible beginner or experienced yoga walk away feeling reconnected to their physical & inner being.

* Therapeutic Appraoch; Beginners / Experienced / Health Issues & Phyisical Limitations / Open to Learning!

Anik Boileau-James, RYT200

Anik is a lovely sweet soul & a flexible inspiring & encouraging teacher.

She is a graduate of Helene's teacher training who loves to infuse yoga philosophy in subtle ways that helps deepen the practice.

She will give you some challenges - always with respect for your bodies limitations - while her soft kind nature will ease you into shapes gently towards a little more. Her classes offer an experience on all levels & are well loved.

At H~OM we want to help you find that balance of effortless effort.

Anik is that teacher that holds pace for your abilities as well as limitations while injecting a dose of food for the soul.

* Some Experience - Experienced; Flexibilty an asset but not a must!

Eveline Azran, RYT200

Eveline is one of Helene's YTT Grads who began teaching in 2017 after subbing for a summer and being so well loved.

She can teach gentle to experienced level with the ability to offer a nice variety of poses, lots of options for all levels, all guided in calm and kind voice. If you happen to come to a class and Eveline is subbing for your teacher of choice you will be in safe and caring hands.

@ H~OM we encourage you to let your body be your guide & respectfully hold space for you to explore within your own comfort zone.

* Beginner to experience

Maureen Young, RYT500

Maureen has been teaching over 25 years! She was Helene's original teacher until Helene herself starting teaching! And she was in day 1 offering classes at H~OM when it opened its doors.

Helene refers to Maureen as her "yoga mama" & indeed she is to all who are blessed to take her class.

Devoted to keeping classes fresh & though she is gentle in nature yet her classes also offer manageable mindful effort. She is skilled at helping all levels achieve their humble potential & always seems to have something new up her yoga sleeve.

More so Maureen embodies yoga on the mat & in her life as a wonderful maternal soul.

* Beginniers - Experienced; Seniors / Health Issues & Physical Limitations / Enjoy Exploring!

Sabrina Kaley, RYT200

Sweet Sabrina has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for the last 6 years. Sabrina  completed her 200 hour teaching certification with Heleen in 2011.

She’s also completed YogaFit teacher trainings Level 1, 2 and 3,  Anatomy & Alignment, Kids Yoga, and PreNatal/PostPartum yoga. Her goal is to inspire students to maintain a sound body and a sound mind. She has the ability to modify the class based on the students’ abilities, limits, interests, and needs. She is soft spoken, kind & capable.

Her classes are a wonderful blend of nurturing approach & supportive "let's try a little more" classes.

If you are a beginner you will be totally at ease in her class & if you are experienced you will find this class a wonderful middle mat/ground space to enjoy your yoga practice while remaining in the inner "you" zone.

* Beginners - Advanced; Gentle energy yet inspiring practice!

Stephane Verkempinck, RYT200

Stephane is the newest addition to the H~OM yoga family.

With 14 years of practice behind him and having quit his day job, Stephane committed to following his love of yoga by taking Helene's YTT course and graduated in Spring 2019. 

He began by subbing and soon was in demand by those who attended when he subbed including the senior gals!

Stephane is strong in his practice but gentle and playful in his teaching. He will respectfully guide you through from beginner to more advanced poses depending on who shows up for class.

* Gentle to dynamic

Tanya Anderson, RYT200

Tanya is also graduate of Helene's training. (What can we say Helene has a great group to chose from in her trainings!)

Tanya will guide you smoothly & respectfully through poses keeping it easy enough for beginners while offering options for the more advanced yoginis.

She is strong, capable in body & mind as well as teaching skills.

Tanya will make sure you are safe yet encouraged to move within your own bodies abilities & limitations.

Her classes offer a safe space to practice if you are a beginner "let's take this carefully yet move!"  or an experienced yogi "let's see if we can try this more challenging pose!"

* Beginers - Experience; Respectful smooth flow with options if you want to do a bit more.

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